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Mill Profiles


Click on a mill name from the list below.  Names are derived from their original owner or by popular title because many photographers, landowners, newspapers, and historians incorrectly refer to these structures simply as “old Dutch mills.” 


Surviving Windmills in Illinois (5 entries) - sorted by city.  Each entry has a profile with photos, history, operational status, official website links, and tourist information.

Destroyed Windmills in Illinois (50 entries) - sorted by city.  All entries have a profile, though information may be limited.

Other Surviving Mills in Illinois (3 entries) - sorted by city.  Includes water and animal-powered mills.

Surviving Windmills in the United States (59 entries) - sorted by state, then by city.  Only entries with photos have links to a profile with more information.


Each mill's construction (c), renovation (r), and/or destruction (d) dates are listed where available

Surviving Windmills in Illinois (5)
Other Surviving Mills in Illinois (3)
Surviving Illinois Mills

Old Dutch Mill, Mount Emblem Mill, Ehlers' Mill

Elmhurst (Mount Emblem Cemetery)

c1867, r1926, r2015 - Open, non-operational.

The Immigrant


c2001 - Open and operational.

Old Holland Mill, Old Dutch Mill

Geneva (Fabyan Forest Preserve)

c1877, r1915, r2005 - Open and operational.

Golden Windmill


c1873, r2004 - Open and operational.

Rathje Windmill


c1872 - Open, non-operational.

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Heideman Mill, Old Mill


c1868, d1958

Old Dutch Mill, Barrington Roller Mill


c1867, d1884

Old Flax Mill


c1850, d(?)

Benson Mill


c1872, d(?)

Bishop Hill

c1848, d(?)


c1872, d1899


Burnt Prairie

Blooker Cocoa Mill and Wind Engine Display


c1893, d1893

Dutch Windmill


c1933, d1934

Des Plaines Windmill

Des Plaines

c1841, d(?)

Fort de Chartres

c1731, d(?)

Franklin Grove

c1871, d1900

Emminga Windmill, Franzen's Old Mill


c1854, r1860, d1934


c1865, d(?)


c1869, r1872, d(?)

Holland Mill


c1875, d(?)


c1858, d1910


c1839, d1850


c1711, d(?)

Lake Zurich

c1850s, d1858

Monee Mill



c1879, d1894


c1691, d(?)


c1778, d(?)

Scales Mound

c1857, d(?)

Des Plaines Mill, Park Ridge Mill, Old Dutch Mill

Schiller Park

c1870, d1930s

Holland Grist Mill


c1876, d1893


c1842, d1860

Old Mill, New Bremen Mill

Tinley Park

c1873, d1911

(unknown location)

(unknown location)

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Destroyed Windmills in Illinois (50)
 Surviving Windmills in the United States (59)

Franklin Grove

c1847, d1900, r1999 - Open and operational.

Oak Brook

c1852, r1935, r2009, r2016 - Open and operational.

Petersburg (Lincoln's New Salem)

c1835, d1840s, r1932 - Open and operational.

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Escondido Windmill

Escondido, CA

c2009 - Open and operational.

North Windmill

San Francisco, CA

c1902, r1991 - Closed, operated by motor.

South Windmill

San Francisco, CA

c1905, r2012 - Open and operational.

Norre Snede Windmill

Elk Horn, IA

c1856, r1976 - Open and operational.

Pella, IA

c2002 - Open and operational.

Old Dutch Mill

Smith Center, KS

c1879, r1938 - Unknown status.

Old Dutch Mill

Wamego, KS

c1879, r1925 - Unknown status.

Spocott Windmill

Cambridge, MD

c1850, r1972 - Open and operational.

Old Higgin's Windmill

Brewster, MA

c1850, r1972 - Open and operational

Windmill Beach House

Buzzard's Bay, MA

Closed, residence.

Red Brook Windmill

Cataumet, MA

c1853, r1905 - Closed, residence.

Rothery Windmill

Cataumet, MA

c1900 - Closed, residence.

Sur Mer Windmill

Chatham, MA

c1820, r1911 - Closed, residence.

Benjamin Godfrey Windmill

Chatham, MA

c1797, r1956 - Open and operational.

Eastham Windmill

Eastham, MA

c1793, r1808 - Open and operational.

John Smith Windmill

Harwich Port, MA

c1792, r1940s - Closed, residence.

Tisbury Windmill

Merry's Windmill

Martha's Vineyard, MA

c1815, r1888 - Closed, residence.

Nantucket Windmill

Nantucket, MA

c1746, r(?) - Open and operational.

Jonathan Young Windmill

Orleans, MA

c1839, r1983 - Open and operational.

Heritage Plantation Windmill

Sandwich, MA

c1800, r(?) - Open and operational.

Wyatt Windmill

South Dartmouth, MA

c1700s, r1924 - Closed, non-operational.

Castle Hill Windmill

Truro, MA

Morning Glory Windmill

Wellfleet, MA

c(?), r1870 - Closed, residence.

Judah Baker Windmill

Yarmouth, MA

c1791, r1999 - Open, non-operational.

Greenfield Windmill

Dearborn, MI

c1633, r1936 - Closed, non-operational.

The Swan

Holland, MI

c1653, r1762, r1887, r1965 - Open and operational.

Seppmann Windmill

Mankato, MN

c1864 - Closed, non-operational.

Old Rush Windmill

New Hartford, MN

c1870s - Open and operational.

Volendam Museum

Milford, NJ

c1960s - Closed, non-operational.

Amagansett Windmill

Amagansett, NY

Closed, non-operational.

Conover Windmill

Bay Shore, NY

Closed, residence.

Beebe Windmill


c1890, r 1914, r1984, r2009 - Open and operational.

Gardiner Windmill

East Hampton, NY

c1804 - Open, non-operational.

Gardiner Island Windmill

East Hampton, NY

c1795, r1815 - Closed, residence.

Hayground Windmill

East Hampton, NY

c1801 - Closed, non-operational.

Hook Windmill

East Hampton, NY

c1806, r1931 - Open, non-operational.

Wainscott Windmill

East Hampton, NY

c1813 - Closed, non-operational.

Pantigo Windmill

East Hampton, NY

c1804, r1910 - Closed, non-operational.

Orient Windmill

Glen Island, NY

c1810, r1840 - Closed, non-operational.

McConnell Windmill

Morristown, NY

c1825 - Closed, non-operational.

Gladden Windmill

(vertical-axis turbine)

Napoli, NY

c1890 - Closed, non-operational

Shelter Island Windmill

Shelter Island, NY

c1810, r1840 - Closed, non-operational.

Betts Windmill

Southampton, NY

c(?), r1890 - Closed, residence.

Claflin Windmill

Southampton, NY

c1713, r2009 - Open, non-operational.

Corwith Windmill

Water Mill, NY

c1800, r1987 - Open, non-operational.

Danish Windmill

Kenmare, ND

c1902, r1959 - Open, non-operational.

Danish Windmill

Minot, ND

c1928, r1960s - Closed, non-operational.

East Greenwich Windmill

East Greenwich, RI

c1874 - Closed, residence.

Jamestown Windmill

Jamestown, RI

c1787, r2001 - Open and operational.

Boyd Windmill

(8 sails)

Middletown, RI

c1810, r1990 - Open and operational.

Prescott Windmill

Middletown, RI

c1811, r1970 - Open and operational.

Newport Tower

Newport, RI

Closed, non-operational.

Millbank Grist Windmill

Millbank, SD

c1884, r2009 - Open and operational.

Flowerdew Hundred Windmill

(relocated from Virginia)

Lubbock, TX

c1612, r1978, r2010 - Open and operational.

Victoria Windmill

Victoria, TX

c1870, r1935 - Closed, non-operational.

Robertson Windmill

Colonial Williamsburg Windmill

Williamsburg, VA

c1621, r1950s - Closed, under renovation.

Little Chute, WI

c2015 - Open and operational.

Davidson Windmill

(8 sails)

Superior, WI

c1904 - Closed, operated by motor.

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Surviving US Mills
Destroyed Illinois Mills
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