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Jung Windmill

Gardner Rd and Harrison St
Broadview, IL 60155





John Jung (? - ?)

History of the Mill


There is no other information available about this windmill other than the following quotes.  The first is from the Franzosenbusch Heritage Society:


“In 1884 this windmill (pictured to the left) was located on the John Jung farm, Puscheck Road (since renamed Gardner Road).  This site is now occupied by Photopress, Inc.  People came from miles around to have their grain ground.  Mr. Jung served in the Civil War and was the grandfather of Mrs. Hulda Knox of Broadview.”


The other is from the Hillside Public Library's History of Hillside:


“Every farm boasted an orchard and a windmill but water had to be carried into the homes with buckets.  Three of the German pioneers erected typical Dutch windmills, one of which stood on the John Jung farm on Puscheck Road, (now Gardner Road and Harrison Street, Broadview); another still stands in the Mount Emblem Cemetery in Elmhurst.”  


The third “German pioneer” farmer in this statement is not mentioned. 



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