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Society for the Preservation of Old Mills



The International Molinological Society


Dutch Mill Database

The official compilation of windmills in the Netherlands


The Mills Archives

Windmill and watermill related archives in the United Kingdom


American Wind Energy Association

Information about wind energy initiatives in the United States


Wind on the Wires

Information about wind energy initiatives in Illinois and surrounding states.



Community wind across America





Windmill Cultural Center

Fulton, IL

Dedicated in April 2010, the Windmill Cultural Center sits across the street from Fulton’s iconic Dutch windmill, De Immigrant.  It is the first museum of its kind in Illinois, featuring twenty-one model windmills and Dutch artifacts.


Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago, IL

Smart Home: Green and Wired—tour a home that is eco-friendly and wind powered!  The museum is great for families and has a wide range of exhibits.


Mid-America Windmill Museum

Kendallville, IN

Includes an original 1854 Halladay Standard wind engine and the Robertson Post Mill, a replica of the first windmill built in America at Williamsburg, VA.  Their collection of windmills new and old has grown to include more than fifty since its opening in 1994.


Windmill Island

Holland, MI

Home to a windmill museum, shops, and the authentic Dutch windmill De Zwaan, which was the first (and last) windmill to be removed from the Netherlands.  The functioning windmill offers tours and has a variety of tools on display.  Dancers perform periodically outside the mill, and the museum features photographs and a short film about De Zwaan.


American Wind Power Center and Museum

Lubbock, TX

Boasts an impressive collection of wind engines, turbines, and a replica of the post mill at Flowerdew Hundred plantation in Virginia.  Recently a large mural depicting the evolution of the windmill through our agricultural history was completed within the main gallery.


Shattuck Windmill Museum

Shattuck, OK

A collection of American wind engines.


Dutch Windmill Museum

Nederland, TX

Features some local artifacts and history about Dutch settlers in Texas, housed within a windmill-inspired building with rotating sails.





Windmill World

A collection of windmill profiles from around the world


American Windmills

Information about wind engines and repair


Windmill Parts

Collection of wind engine manuals, parts, and identifying photographs


Windmill Literature

Collection of sales and repair manuals for many popular wind engines


Pond Lily Mill Restoration

An incredibly detailed site about milling, maintenance, and restorations.


Development of the Windmill

A look at how Europe influenced the evolution of windmill design


Telosnet Illustrated History of Wind Power

As the name implies, a thorough history of wind power development.


Mill Pictures

Photographs of various mills (mostly water-powered)


Ohio Barns - Old and Interesting Mills

The mill section of the larger Ohio Barns site, featuring barns and roadside oddities from across the country.


Illinois Digital Archives

Photographs, articles, and newspaper clippings filtered by your search criteria.





Verbij Windmill Design and Construction

Lucas Verbij, a fourth-generation millwright from Holland, has been involved in a number of windmill projects here and around the world.  He repaired the tail pole of the Prairie Mills Windmill; restored the Fabyan Windmill; surveyed the Peotone Windmill; rebuilt the cap of the Murphy Windmill in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA; and constructed the Little Chute Windmill in Wisconsin.  


Derek Ogden

Derek Ogden is based out of Virginia, and designed the restored windmill at Flowerdew Hundred plantation.  Locally, he restored the Prairie Mills Windmill, and is involved in a number of windmill projects worldwide.


Molema Millbuilders

Dutch-based company that was commissioned to build de Immigrant for Fulton, Illinois.  The family-owned company also restores/rebuilds windmills in Europe.


B. E. Hassett Millwrights

Repair, maintenance, restoration and reconstruction resource for custom windmills, wind engines, and water mills.




Career Training


Highland Community College

First college in the nation to offer wind turbine technician degrees


Danville Area Community College

Offers career degrees in wind technology


Sauk Valley Community College

Wind Energy Program


Illinois Institute of Technology

Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research


Illinois State University

Renewable Energy Curriculum



Education for Kids


4-H Club

Power of Wind online downloadable course for middle-school children.


Department of Energy—Kids

Information about how energy works, designed for younger children.





A Field Guide to American Windmills

T. Lindsay Baker

Without a doubt, this incredibly detailed book is the resource for wind engines, complete with individual model profiles and manufacturer information.


Catch the Wind

Landt Dennis

Interesting book about windmills and folklore.


The Dutch Windmill

Frederick Stokhuyzen

A look at Dutch windmills past and present.


The Fischer Windmill

Philip E. Vierling

The single most detailed history and construction plans of any windmill.


Old Mills in the Mid-West

Leslie C. Swanson

Self-published author marks notable water and windmills on state maps.


One Cap Over the Windmill

Kenneth Hutchison

A story of an old windmill’s transformation into a home.


Power from Wind

Richard L. Hills

Scientific analyses of wind and converting it to usable kinetic energy


TIMS Mill Dictionary

The International Molinological Society

Dictionary and translations for common mill terms and parts.


Water and Wind Power

Martin Watts

A look at mills in the United Kingdom.


When the Wind Blows…

Anne Wienke

The story of the three Emminga windmills and the Gronewold Windmill in Golden.



Volta Torrey

An historic look at windmills from around the world, past and present.


The Windmill: A Book for Boys Young and Old

H. C. Harrison

The “daily grind” of a miller working in rural England.



Laura Brooks

Coffee table book.



Sally Taylor

Coffee table book.



Martin Watts

A look at windmills in the United Kingdom.


Windmills and Millwrighting

Stanley Freese

Detailed facts about windmill construction and design.


Windmills and Wind Motors

F. E. Powell

A look at wind engines and early windmills, and how to build your own.


Windmills of New England

Daniel Lombardo

Study of windmills throughout the New England states.


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