Uptmor Windmill

Teutopolis, IL


Destroyed by owner, 1860



(1842 - 1860) Wheat

(1842 - 1860) Corn



(1841 - 1842)



Clemens Uptmor, Sr.

Henry Uptmor



Clemens Uptmor, Sr. (1842 - 1860)

History of the Mill


In September 1834, Clemens Uptmor and family arrived in America from the Netherlands.  The Uptmors originally immigrated to Missouri; however, upon discovering the practice of slavery, they moved to Quincy, IL and then on to what would become Teutopolis in 1839.  


There he established the family farm; one year later, he built a general store; and then, not long thereafter, began construction of his windmill along with his brother, Henry.  Without the presence of a saw mill, all of the carpentry was done by hand.  The mill opened in 1842.


The mill was a great success and hailed by the people both of and near Teutopolis.  The four-story mill only had one run-of-stone, but in favorable winds could grind 150 barrels per day—and that despite the presence of a hand-cranked (as opposed to wind-driven) bolting machine.  The windmill was successful until the construction of a nearby steam roller mill in 1857; three years later, in May 1860, the windmill was shut down and destroyed.




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