Schmidt Bros. Windmill

Benson Mill




Tower Height



Sail Span

72' (approximate)



(1873 - ?) Wheat

(1873 - ?) Rye

(1873 - ?) Feed



(1872 - 1873)



J. M. Schmidt and brother



J. M. Schmidt and brother (1872 - ?)

F. H. Thielen (? - ?)

J. H. Monk (? - ?)



  • Moore, Roy.  History of Woodford County.  Eureka, Illinois: Woodford County Republican, 1910.

The Schmidt Brothers Windmill.

Photo from Paul van den Berg 

History of the Mill


A lack of powerful streams near Benson led to the construction of this windmill in 1872.  The Dutch mill was completed a year later at a cost of $10,000.  Built, owned, and operated by the Schmidt brothers, the mill operated three run of stone, grinding wheat, rye, and feed.  The mill changed hands over the years and was eventually destroyed. 


Because of its similarities in construction to the Prairie Mills in Golden, the town of Benson offered to purchase the mill in 1985, disassemble it, and relocate it in a park near where the Schmidt Brothers’ windmill stood.  The town of Golden refused the sale, however, and chose to restore the Prairie Mills.

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