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Siedhoff Windmill

Old Dutch Mill, Barrington Roller Flour Mill


Destroyed by fire, 1884



(? - 1884) Wheat

(? - 1884) Rye



George Siedhoff



George Siedhoff

George Froelich




  • Lines, Arnett C.  A History of Barrington, Illinois.  Online edition, Barrington Area Library. 

History of the Mill


"The Barrington Roller Flour Mill had its beginning in the old Dutch Mill that stood south of Limits Street (Hillside) where the standpipe is now on South Hough Street. That mill was built by George Siedhoff, who was a millwright, and was operated by him and his brother-in-law, George Froelich, both being millers from Hanover, Germany. They ground flour and grain there, and had two sets of stones: one for grinding wheat and one set for grinding rye.


"The old Dutch wind mill and all burned down Aug. 5, 1884. Mr. Siedhoff began the building of the new flour mill on North Hough north of the C. & N.W. in 1885 for H.C.P. Sandman and Sandman's son-in-law, George Froelich, but Siedhoff left for New Salem, North Dakota, John Weslowski said. In 1894 Mr. Froelich sold his interest to Fred Sandman and the firm was known as Sandman & Son. In 1895 the mill burned and was rebuilt. There were several changes in partnership till it was owned by Fred Pomeroy and John Weslowski in 1902. Later Freund Brothers (Leo and Walter) bought the property and converted it to a major appliances, hardware and farm machinery business."

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