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When several wind turbines are constructed over an area, a wind facility is formed.  Because many of the wind facilities in Illinois are located in rural areas with land rented from farm owners, they are better known as wind farms. Illinois was only generating 108 Megawatts (MW) of electricity in 2006. By 2011, over 2,435 MW will be produced from hundreds of wind turbines.

Below is a list of current and proposed wind farms in Illinois.  You can also visit the tourism page to see where wind farms are located on an Illinois map.

Existing Wind Farms (30)

Project Name (Location) Units (Power) Active Notes
Mendota Hills
    (Lee County)
63 Gamesa (51.6 MW) 2003 First wind farm constructed in Illinois
Bureau Valley School District
    (Bureau County)
1 Vestas (0.66 MW) 2004 First public school to use wind power
for electricity. Mascot: "The Storm"
Illinois Rural Electric
Cooperative (IREC)
    (Pike County)
1 Vestas (1.65 MW) 2005 First rural electric company to use wind power
for electricity. Seeking to add additional turbines
Crescent Ridge
    (Bureau County)
33 Vestas (50.54 MW) 2005 First of a two-phase project. Phase two is the
Providence Heights Wind Farm
Twin Groves I and II
    (McLean County)
240 Gamesa (396 MW) 2007 and 2008 Currently the largest project (both in number
of turbines and power output) in Illinois
Sustainable Discovery Center
     (Sublette, IL)
1 Clipper (2.5 MW) 2007 Museum dedicated to green energy initiatives.
Building is LEED certified.  Follow this link
to the museum web site
GSG Wind Farm
     (Lee County)
     (LaSalle County)
40 Gamesa (80 MW) 2007  
Camp Grove
     (Marshall County)
     (Stark County)
100 GE Power (150 MW) 2007  
     (Bureau County)
4 Suzlon (8.4 MW) 2008 Small communities and local electric utilities
cooperate with landowners to meet local
energy needs
Providence Heights
     (Bureau County)
36 Gamesa (72 MW) 2008 Second phase of Crescent Ridge Wind Farm
Erie Community Unit School
     (Whiteside County)
1 Vensys (1.2 MW) 2008  
Sherrard High School
     (Mercer County)
1 Vestas (0.66 MW) 2008  
Grand Ridge I, II, III, and IV
     (LaSalle County)
140 GE Energy (210 MW) 2008 and 2009  
Great Escape Restaurant
     (Schiller Park, IL)
1 custom "Big Windy" (108 kW) 2009 First wind turbine in Cook County;
first wind turbine in an urban area
Aldridge Electric
     (Lake County)
1 custom (50 kW) 2009  
City of Geneseo
     (Geneseo, IL)
2 Vensys (3 MW) 2009  
Gob Nob
     (Montgomery County)
1 Emergya (0.9 MW) 2009  
Rail Splitter
     (Tazewell County)
67 GE Energy (100.5 MW) 2009  
Eco Grove
     (Stephenson County)
67 Acciona (100.5 MW) 2009  
Top Crop
     (LaSalle County)
68 GE Energy (102 MW) 2009  
Richland Community College
     (Decatur, IL)
1 Northern Power Systems (0.1 MW) 2009  
Lee / DeKalb Wind Farm
     (Lee County)
     (DeKalb County)
151 GE Energy (226.5 MW) 2009  
Porta High School
     (Menard County)
1 custom (0.6 MW) 2009  
Other World Computing
     (Woodstock, IL)
1 Vestas (0.5 MW) 2009  
Arends Brothers
     (Melvin, IL)
1 Northern Power Systems (0.1 MW) 2009  
Cayuga Ridge South Wind Farm
     (Livingston County)
150 Gamesa (300 MW) 2010  

Wind Farms Under Construction (3)

Project Name (Location) Units (Power) Notes
Big Sky Wind Facility
     (Bureau County)
     (Lee County)
114 Suzlon (239.4 MW) Estimated completion date: 2011
Top Crop II
     (LaSalle County)
132 GE Energy (198 MW)  
White Oak
     (McLean County)
100 GE Energy (150 MW)  

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