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Although the U. S. Wind Engine and Pump Company is the oldest manufacturer of wind engines, the Challenge Windmill Company was the first to open such a factory in Batavia.  These large facilities were situated on the Fox River, ironically using water power to turn the machines that made windmills!
The factories all had different departments and warehouses.  The wood shop is where vanes, sails, and towers were carved directly from stock lumber using different templates for the available models.  The machine shop was no doubt the busiest; there the metal gearboxes, rods, pumps, fasteners, and spare parts were manufactured from raw stock materials.  When metal windmills became popular, the machine shops were expanded to include the manufacture of sails, vanes, and towers.
The Challenge Factory building still stands on Batavia’s Riverwalk and now serves as Batavia’s government center.  Proudly displayed on the grounds are wind engine models from Challenge, U.S. Wind Engine, Appleton, and Batavia Mill.

The following list includes major windmill manufacturers.  Hundreds more companies were involved in the process of selling and distributing windmills; however, there are far too many to catalogue.  Note that some of the brand-name windmills began as independent companies but were later purchased or merged with other manufacturing companies.   Help me add to this list by sending an email to

Wind Engine Manufacturers (86)

Manufacturer Name Location Model(s) Notes
A. J. Corcoran New York, NY Corcoran  
A. Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. Dubuque, IA Giant Airmaster  
Aera Manufacturing Company Henry, IL Aera  
Aermotor Windmill Company Chicago, IL Aermotor, Bilby Open: based in San Antonio, TX
Albion Wind Mill Albion, MI Albion, Union, Wolcott Became Cook Manufacturing Co.
W. H. Aldrich Logansport, IL Aldrich, Columbia, Happy Home Became King Drill Company
Alston & Sons PTY. LTD Melbourne, Australia Alston, Aqua  
Althouse-Wheeler & Company Waupun, WI Giant, Raymond, Waupun  
American Well Works Aurora, IL American  
Appleton Manufacturing Co. Batavia, IL Goodhue Plant razed for Batavia Riverwalk
Austin Manufacturing Co. Chicago, IL Zero  
Automatic Mower and Mfg. Co. Chicago, IL Industrious  
Baker Manufacturing Company Evansville, WI Monitor  
Batavia Mill Company Batavia, IL Batavia, Pearl, Success  
Beatty Brothers, LTD. Fergus, Ontario Beatty, Brantford Self-Oiling  
Beckman Brothers Des Moines, IA B. B.  
Breyer Brothers, Whiting, & Co. Waupun, WI Bell, Ozark  
Burke-Bollmeyer Manufacturing Co. Wauseon, OH "Pull-the-Wire" Windmill Oiler Add oil from ground
Butler Windmill Company Butler, IN Defiance, Oilomatic, Old Style  
C. A. Miller Urbana, OH Climax  
C & P Machine Salina, KS Pioneer  
Celina Manufacturing Company Celina, OH Monarch  
Challenge Windmill & Feed Co. Batavia, IL Daisy, Dandy, O.K. Plant used as metal works in World War II
Clay Center Windmill & Foundry Co. Clay Center, KS Gudnuf  
Continental Wind Mill Company New York, NY Continental  
Crane and Ordway Company Saint Paul, MN Crane, Ideal  
David Bradley Windmill Company Groton, NY Champion Later bought out by Sears
Decorah Windmill Company Decorah, IA Decorah  
Dempster Mill Manufacturing Co. Beatrice, NE Beatrice, Boss, Dempster  
Double Power Mill Company Appleton, WI Double Power Back-to-back wind wheels
Duplex Manufacturing Company Superior, WI Andrew, Hyatt, Superior  
Easy Manufacturing Company Lincoln, NE Easy  
Elgin Windmill Company Elgin, IL Elgin, Tip-Top, Wonder First successful self-oiling wind engines
Empire Wind Mill Mfg. Company Syracuse, NY Empire  
F. W. Axtell Manufacturing Co. Fort Worth, TX Ever-Oiled  
F. W. Krogh and Company San Francisco, CA Eureka  
F. W. Winter and Company Faribault, MN Hazen  
Fairbanks, Morse, & Company Chicago, IL Eclipse Originally from Beloit, WI
Fairbury Windmill Company Fairbury, NE Fairbury  
Flint & Walling Manufacturing Co. Kendallville, IN Leader, Star Inspired Mid-America Windmill Museum
Goold, Shapley & Muir Co. LTD Brantford, Ontario Ideal  
Heller-Aller Company Napoleon, OH Baker Manufactured deep-well wind engines
Hildreth Iron Works Hildreth, NE Hildreth  
Horicon Windmill Company Horicon, WI Horicon  
Industrial Manufacturing Company Buchanan, MI Ariel Roller  
Kirkwood Wind Engine Company Arkansas City, KS Kirkwood  
Kregel Wind Mill Company Nebraska City, KS Eli  
Marseilles Manufacturing Company Marseilles, IL Adams, Steel Queen  
Mast, Foos & Company Springfield, OH Imperial, Iron Turbine J. S. Risdon of Genoa, IL patents first steel mill
Maud's Windmill and Pump Co. Lansing, MI Maud's  
May Brothers Windmill Company Galesburg, IL New May, Little Giant  
McDaniel and Son Litchfield, IL New Era  
Montgomery Ward Chicago, IL Air King, Clipper, Wind Master  
Mount Pulaski Wind Mill Company Mount Pulaski, IL Yankee  
Ontario Wind Engine and Pump Co. Toronto, Ontario Toronto  
Parish Windmills Earth, TX Parish  
Perkins Wind Mill Company Mishawaka, IN Perkins Steel  
Peter's Pump Company Kewanee, IL Peter's  
Phelps and Bigelow Wind Mill Co. Kalamazoo, MI IXL Later made Daisy "Red Ryder" BB guns
Plattner-Yale Company Lincoln, NE Yale  
Plymouth Iron Windmill Company Plymouth, MI Hamilton  
Powell and Douglass Mfg. Co. Waukegan, IL Iron Screw  
Red Cross Manufacturing Company Bluffton, IN Red Cross Line  
Rex Windmill Company North Manchester, IN Rex  
Rork Windmill Company Lansing, MI Rork  
Ross Supply Company Greenville, OH Rex  
S. Freeman and Sons Mfg. Co. Racine, WI Special  
Sandwich Enterprise Company Sandwich, IL Enterprise  
Sears Roebuck & Company Chicago, IL Kenwood  
Simpson Windmill & Machine Co. Fairbury, NE Simpson  
Silver and Deming Salem, OH Deming  
Smith and Pomeroy Kalamazoo, MI Eureka  
Southern Cross Windmill Company South Africa Z Oldest international manufacturer
Southern Steel Wind Mill Company Los Angeles, CA Pomona  
Springfield Steel Machine Company Springfield, OH Leffel  
Stover Manufacturing Company Freeport, IL Ideal Irrigator, Samson  
Trahem Pump Company Rockford, IL Trahem  
Twin Wheel Windmill Mfg. Co. Hutchinson, KS Twin Wheel As name suggests, a double wind wheel
Union Steel Products Co., LTD. Albion, MI Albion, Cook  
U. S. Wind Engine and Pump Co. Batavia, IL Ace, Halladay, Little Gem First wind engine manufacturer
Ward Love Pump Company Rockford, IL Rockford  
Western Land Roller Company Hastings, NE Western  
Williams, Smith & Company Kalamazoo, MI Manvel  
Winship Manufacturing Company Racine, WI Racine  
Woodmanse Manufacturing Co. Freeport, IL Airmaster, Mogul, Woodmanse  
Wyatt Manufacturing Company Salina, KS Currie  
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