Custom Windmills

Sanders Windmill

Holland Grist Windmill

(unknown location)
Somonauk, IL 60552



Damaged, destroyed 1930s.

Tower Height



(1876 - 1893) Wheat
(1876 - 1893) Corn




H. W. Sanders


H. W. Sanders (1876 - 1893)




The Sanders Windmill



In 1876, H. W. Sanders erected this windmill, which ran two run-of stone, until it was taken down in 1893.  Little else is known about this windmill aside from a few stories.  One is that the bride of the miller was killed by lightning when she was standing on the stage.  The other is that two children who were playing on the sails were taken on a "thrilling but unexpected ride."  This photo of the windmill was taken in 1890 and ran with a story about it in the Chicago Tribune.


The four mill stones all found new homes after the mill's demolition: one stone is in the sidewalk at the former home of August Rosentrater; the second is at the Stratton residence in Somonauk; the third is in the Olmstead Museum; and the fourth is in Buffalo Park near Ottawa, IL.




-Somonauk Public Library

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